I have started drinking tea on a regular basis since it was introduced to me by Ellery and Yves Cote during the winter of 2006 in Canada.  I have witnessed how passionate they served the different flavors of tea.  Their passion is so contagious that when I went back home I started to appreciate tea and serve tea with passion the way they have it.  If there is an art of drinking wine, it goes true with tea as well.

A friend of ours Zeny started to give me various kinds of tea. I started collecting tea kettles and teas of various make.  I also have a tea buddy, Lanie,  who makes drinking tea more exciting.  We both drink tea with passion and we enjoy chatting while drinking tea.  I came across a lot of readings about the benefits of drinking tea. Majority of the readings are about tea preventing cancer benefits.

Now I learn how to make my own tea.  The process of infusion draws the properties you want out of the herb for healing.  An infusion is basically a strong tea.  You do it by pouring boiling water into the herbs.  It takes experience to learn how long each herb needs to steep, some take longer than others but this is the easiest method. Do not use metal in the infusion process. Use mineral water too.

This morning, I prepared lemon grass with tsaang gubat.  We have them in our garden so I simply pick and steep!  The feelings of food security I am experiencing with our small garden.  You can have it too!  A little garden will do.  You can buy live herbs in a pot and drink it everyday to lower the risk of cancer. 


Center for Science in the Public Interest
June 25, 2002

New Tests Confirm Acrylamide in American Foods
Snack Chips, French Fries Show Highest Levels Of Known Carcinogen CSPI Calls On FDA To Test More Food Popular American brands of snack chips and French fries contain disturbingly high levels of acrylamide, according to new laboratory tests commissioned by the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI). The tests were conducted by the same Swedish government scientists that two months ago first discovered the cancer-causing chemical in certain fried and baked starchy foods.   read the entire story....
Acrylamide in Foods: Micrograms per Serving Water, 8 oz., EPA limit 0.12 Boiled Potatoes, 4 oz. <3 Old El Paso Taco Shells, 3, 1.1oz. 1 Ore Ida French Fries (uncooked), 3 oz. 5 Ore Ida French Fries (baked), 3 oz. 28 Honey Nut Cheerios, 1 oz. 6 Cheerios, 1 oz. 7 Tostitos Tortilla Chips, 1 oz. 5 Fritos Corn Chips, 1 oz. 11 Pringles Potato Crisps, 1 oz. 25 Wendy’s French Fries, Biggie, 5.6 oz. 39 KFC Potato Wedges, Jumbo, 6.2 oz. 52 Burger King French Fries, large, 5.7 oz. 59 McDonald’s French Fries, large, 6.2 oz. 82


Here is another website where i found tons of knowledge about herbs.  Herbsmentor.com will walk you through the world of herbs while having fun.
****Possessing the skills to help yourself and family naturally.
****Feeling safe, confident and knowledgeable in making your own herbal home remedies.
****Having more energy and feeling healthier.
****NOT feeling overwhelmed when you look in an herb book or walk into a health food store.
****Becoming a home medicine maker or herbalist.
Do have fun, visit his website and learn from him.  It is sad we are here in the Philippines but I am exploring possibilities how the kit can be sold here as buying from US,  freight is more expensive than the kit!

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Above is a pdf copy of a book on Miracle of Aloe Vera I download for free.  Feel free to download and benefit from knowing this miracle.  ref (http://www.naturalnews.com)

I am now working on a feasibility study that will benefit a multitude of people if put into operation, I HOPE!!! As I am doing my research, I came across  this document that truly amaze me because not only once I read this findings but in many documents I have encountered.  I have sent a copy of this report to UPLB for their comment as I asked for their assistance for a credible feasibility study for herbal business.

There are business and livelihood ideas that are coming up and I would like to evaluate if the project is feasible.  I am a business consultant and a volunteer for KIN (Kitanglad Integrated NGO) based in Malaybalay, Bukidnon.  I can see the potential of herbal industries and the health benefits.  The Daraghuyan tribe and other tribes in the Philippines have places to grow herbs organically (ancestral domain claim).  What they need is a steady market to buy their supply which I can be of great help in coming up with a feasibility study for them.  Organic Farming technology I am supported by Greenminds, Inc. based in CDO as they are providing consultancy for organic farming nationwide.  This company is headed by a very young datu who is a horticulturist from UPLB.  I have also networked with an herbal industry with a drying facility in Iligan and assured me of their help.  KIN will write a project proposal to look for funding for the drying facility.  Initial funding will be funded by the local municipality of Malaybalay to start growing of the herbs by the Indigenous Peoples while developing the market.  Then on, we can duplicate the concept in other places where there are IPs and other local farmers. Private individuals communicated interest in helping in the financial requirements too on a small scale basis.

Herbal business is a booming industry as the performance and  forecast is backed up by Herbalife (http://www.herbalife.com) operation.  People are looking for a healthy options.  What we can offer to the market is the availability of herbs in every localities at an affordable price, a livelihood and sustainable development for the IPs and the farmers and a less stressful community. 

The target market are the Food Industries, Pharmaceutical Companies and Cosmetics Industries,  all the more are the public to benefit.  Please visit this blog section as I promise to post some wonderful findings that everyone can benefit if we knew and are open to all possibilities. 


I am entangled with the power of herbs as I unleashed them through playing and incorporating  them with the soup and focaccia bread recipe we offer at SOUP of THE DAY.  For more idea and information about herbs, please visit http://culinaryherbguide.com/index.html
Very soon, we will be selling herbs in SOD kiosk to make it accessible, available and affordable for everyone to enjoy.


Our trip to Bukidnon covered April 25 to May 2 ended up with a conclusion and understanding that no matter how much effort we exert to get understanding we need, we can not obtain it if it is not yet time.  The trip concluded with the wisdom and understanding I have been searching where our advocacy is leading us, presented to me in sequence to make it more clearer and vivid to feed my limited understanding.
At the end of the trip, I met Datu Reynaldo Gil Lomarda, a Horticulturist.  A trip in his Balay Kinaiyahan or Bahay Kalikasan resonates what am being led to accomplish. The strange meeting brought me into a state of being more confident. I feel free to embody the calling now that I have Datu to guide me and back me up in this vision quest.
Soup of the Day turned out to be not only selling soup but serves as a showcase for the herbs growers to create the market awareness that herbs can be used in our daily food and drinks, not only beneficial to our health but also to our pocket.  Herbs need less maintenance and if we will grow them in abundance, everyone can benefit.  There is a movement in this direction and Soup of the Day is responding to this call.


Soup of the Day has been privileged again helping KIN in raising funds for the scholarship of the Daraghuyan tribe youth.  KIN is dedicated to raise the needed funds to send the youth to school, at least for the very basic school needs and fare as school is at a distance.  Soup of the Day responded to their call for support.  I tagged along my son Nico to bake the focaccia bread that we supposed to serve in the fund raising. Friends of KIN attended the program where Mayor Flores of Malaybalay is present.  He pledged P100,000 for this activity while friends of SOD pledged P40,000.00.  KIN budget for every student is roughly P5,500.00 per student for the school year.  As they are supporting 65 scholars this year, some in elementary, high school and college, the funds is not enough but we believe that we can raise more to support the program until end of the year.
You can help by giving any school materials or donating any amount that you can afford to shell out.  One pencil can go a long way, do not under estimate the power of giving.  Please contact KIN at kitanglad_1995@yahoo.com or call (088) 221-4355 and look for Grace to receive your donation.


Proven in Israel to kill cancer cells while leaving normal cells healthy!
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