Social Entrepreneurship endeavor will never be this exciting without the support group of our class.  Each group's project is presented to the class for comments and suggestions even after the class has ended.  Each project try to see connectivities and seek how each one of us can help for the achievements of the goals and vision.  it has been very empowering to belong in our class.

The get together dinner was held at Wack-Wack residence of Andrea. She host even the food... ooohlala.. we scheduled the next get together in Sandy's place, Cheers office in Q. Avenue.  KIDS will be having fun run and SOD will have a booth with the 50% of the net profit to be given back to KIDS as our Social Entrepreneurship version.  Indeed there are unlimited ways to help while doing business, if only people are open and not simply doing business for profit.

more of this article to follow..


When you hear about organic farming, Ms. Betsy of Don Bosco's Bios Dynamis is the right person to talk to to get more understanding about this, science but is so magical.  Betsy explained to us, what is this Bios Dynamis is all about.  This is about the science of planting without the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals used in commercial farming.  The science that to other seems so magical or taboo but with scientific explanation.  Betsy and I met at the 5th National Organic Conference which was help in Davao.  After that even, I am seeking her technical support to make it sure the the organic farming livelihood in other communities is backed up with  ahighly credible organization that we can rely to ensure the success of the project when it comes to the production side.

Betsy welcomes us with open arms and committed to provide training onsite .

Kudos to my Lady Betsy! 


Ferdie, Ed Tami and Colleague (me taking their picture while discussing the possibilities of helping in providing solution to the ongoing peace and poverty problem in their tribe.  Ferdie suggested that since there are already on going projects, why not do livelihood that can fund their claim for their territory. market linkage is another strenght of Ferdie's team.  Both parties agrees to to strategic planning after Ed Tami identify which area to pilot for the livelihood project.


In deed big bucks are waiting for the fisherfolks who are to ornamental fish industry.  But that is if and only if the government will fully support this industry.  The key is Ferdinand Cruz who has made the first export for the community in Batangas.  When hope is no longer in their vocabulary, Ferdie came to the rescue and walahh.. they had their first export after a few months of reviving their business.  Before Ferdie came, a research company hired by the government gave only false hope and killed their dreams.  Long waiting is over and I am happy  I am working now with a real person whose heart to help is genuine.  He is an example of a successful Social Entrepreneur. 

Foreign buyers are now buying Koi and we ended up buying kois of a dear friend whose farm is a heaven for koi giving them the colours and nutrients from all natural resources.  See the picture yourself and envy the koi fish.  Oh how I love to spend time with the koi.

The Phase II of the fishFUD project in Balingasag Mariculture Park started by conducting the Community Business Planning held at Occassion Municipal Hall, Sumilao, Bukidnon.  The Planning session for the poorest three Barangays ended with a MOA signing identifying the commitment of Barangays to produce the crops.  On photo is Edmund del Castillo signing the Produce and Buy Memorandum of Agreement, an activity at the end of the Planning Session.  Edmund del Castillo is the Executive Director of fishFUD for the Sumilao Tribal Council.