Having an herbal garden at home is a haven.  It's like your medicine cabinet out in the open field or have your own grocery food section just a door step away.  Healthy living need not be expensive, more so now that  our economy is overheating due to our country's financial condition. Planting your own food does not only address your health but empowers your pocket too.  It also gives you a you real food security.  Having an edible garden is worth every inch of the soil than just having an ornamental one.  You can blend both worlds by simply knowing the properties of each plant that you can put in your garden.  With these, you can be enchanted with the beauty of the flowering plants, eat them and relaxed your senses through inhaling the aroma of herbs as the wind sways the leaves.

Planting also teaches us virtues.  The virtues of patience, care, appreciation of nature and a lot more came handy when you do your garden. Start with beneficial plant, one at a time learning its properties and internalizing its taste, looks, most of all feel how it  responds to your body.  There are plants known and proven effective in addressing the kidney stone problems, urinary tract infection, menstrual problem etc.  See www.herbalmagic.weebly.com for specific plants.