GK Roque 1 is the beneficiary of the KIDS Foundation Feeding Program. The program will be feeding 100 children, one snack a day, 5 times a week for a period of six months starting September 1, 2009. Soup Of the Day (SOD) is mentoring the mothers to serve nutritious yet economically prepared food. The neighborhood agreed to plant herbs and vegetables that will augment the nutritional values of the food they will serve and at the same time addressing their food safety and security.

The operation of the food to be served to the children is anchored on Social Entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurial challenge is to meet the goals at P18/meal budget per kid funded by L'oreal.  The mothers under SOD mentoring took the challenge and believed that together they can operate the feeding operation at a profit. The profit will be used to fund other projects such as planting vegetables or ended up operating a Soup of the Day catering business in their neighborhood.

Professionals are tapped to help the mothers in their entrepreneurship challenge! Everyone is excited, they take ownership and responsibility for this pilot feeding program of KIDS anchored on Entrepreneurship. 

The mothers are in need of kitchen equipments and utensils that they will use in their catering business. Should you have any of these kitchen items that you have no use, please call KIDS foundation or Soup of the Day at 09178546851.

Please visit http://www.kidsfoundation.org.ph