embracing the gift

Our ancestors lived a longer and healthy life, no chaos of the current disturbances,  living a simple life with abundance everywhere.  There is an on-going awareness,   an awareness that there is beauty in going back to basic necessity in life.  A necessity that everyone can freely access since time immemorial,  creating a movement gearing us to this direction.  A direction leading us to an awakening state that we can go back in time....where herbs are part of our daily lives,  source of our nutrients,  keep our body healthy and strong,  bringing out the inner beauty in us that exudes the pure energy that empowers one another.   Simple life is difficult to live because we are distracted by things that are unnecessary,  but you will be called to ride on the wagon when you are ready to embrace living a simple life.

We create because we believe, we believe because there is an inner part of us that said so.  Learnings are not from current understanding alone but from previous sealed memories, embedded in our cells, waiting to be awaken  when triggered  with events and circumstances as the right time strikes.

herbs are creating a scenes in our lives,it's too strong and too bold to be ignored

Herbs are part of our ancestors daily lives, they cure not only our physical being but soothes our emotion and state of mind bringing us to a higher spiritual transformation.
                                                                                   jean cruz

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Amaranth, a must plant in your dooryard!

Eversince I have started my edible gardening, Amaranth has been pestering me of it's presence as a weed, at least that' s what I believe it is. A WEED! with all the spikes! But noy anymore! 

This morning I have harvested some "siling labuyo as they are starting to get dried.  Siling Labuyo is selling at P70.00 per kilo and I have them in the garden waiting to be picked, and so I did!  Beside the rows of siling labuyo, there I found again some Amaranth. I took some pictures and thought of researching about it.  I believe this plant has been making its presence known to me since then so I might as well give it a try..  True to my gut feel below is the Nutrients we can benefit from Amaranth: (excerpt from the report posted at
VI. Nutrient Value
Amaranth is a rich source of calcium, iron and vitamin A as shown in Table 1.
Table 1. Nutritional values of amaranth (Raw and Boiled/100 grams edible portion)
                                                                              Raw                                 Boiled
Moisture (%)                                                       84.4                                     83.9
Food energy (cal.)                                             47.0                                     27.0
Protein (g)                                                             4.6                                        4.4
Fiber (g)                                                                 1.1                                         -
Total Carbohydrates (g)                                     7.4                                        4.4
Ash (g)                                                                   2.5                                         -
Calcium (mg)                                                  341.0                                   314.0
Phosphorus (mg)                                             76.0                                     62.0
Iron (mg)                                                             18.0                                      -
Sodium (mg)                                                      51.0                                      -
Potassium (mg)                                             443.0                                       -
Vit. A (I.U.)                                                  12, 860.0                             12,345.0
Thiamine (mg)                                                     0.01                                   0.01
Riboflavin (mg)                                                    0.37                                   0.33
Niacin (mg)                                                          1.80                                   1.70
Ascorbic acid (mg)                                        120.00                               109.00

Given the above nutritional value, I must eat raw and compete with Popeye.  Aha, I made it as a beverage by blending it with kalamansi, honey and stevia with some cube ice in the decanter, i pour the blended amazing amaranth juice!  Goodbye osteoporosis? 
(Sorry too excited to taste that I sipped before i took the picture.  So delicious I almost have it all. It tastes so good  but I stopped, remembering I should blog it!)