Philip Nicholas Cruz is a senior high school student of Morning Dew Montessori, an achiever and a varsity player who loves to help and share his blessings and GOD given and enhanced talent to his fellowmen.  At a very young age, he has shown inner motivation to help make the world a better place in his own little way.  Am a proud momma of course.


Engr. Julius Cruz of  PhilipDen Construction is in charge of the soup of the day kiosk design to ensure functionality and design is in style. 


Julia Denise N. Cruz  does her voluntary work modeling for our SOUP of the DAY icon.  She is excited to do her service work once we have our outreach program.  A fifth grader from Assumption - Antipolo, she has enlivened the vision of the SOUP of the DAY!  Her smile and energy inspire people to do their share.  Thanks Jadi for sharing us your time and talent ! You are our STAR!!!


Am so delighted I have started working on the SOUP of the DAY website.  Tasks seems to be accomplished at an exemplary manner in a very limited time.  Never that I have worked on one project as fast as this one.  Every part of the project seemed to be in placed and just waiting to be picked up to complete the plan.  Am a no writer too!  I may be good in leading people as proven by my accomplishments but not  too good in written words, though I communicate my thoughts very well.  

I do have angels  working behind the scenes or paving the way to make things happen.  Learning how to energize other people will help people change for his betterment or achieve his goal. It has a multiplier effect.  Simple thought of good deed does wonder, how much more if we will put this in action. If we do, we become the angels of others.

Am so thankful for the overflowing  support and inspiration of my family, friends and colleagues, relatives and clients.  I can not wait to see the day of the actual realization of my vision for the SOUP of the day,  a vision I shared with those people who believe in me, especially to the one who keeps me holding on to what I believe in and pushing me to my limits, wishing upon my stars to make my dreams come true.  Believing is one of the major reasons why miracle do happen.