Social Entrepreneurship endeavor will never be this exciting without the support group of our class.  Each group's project is presented to the class for comments and suggestions even after the class has ended.  Each project try to see connectivities and seek how each one of us can help for the achievements of the goals and vision.  it has been very empowering to belong in our class.

The get together dinner was held at Wack-Wack residence of Andrea. She host even the food... ooohlala.. we scheduled the next get together in Sandy's place, Cheers office in Q. Avenue.  KIDS will be having fun run and SOD will have a booth with the 50% of the net profit to be given back to KIDS as our Social Entrepreneurship version.  Indeed there are unlimited ways to help while doing business, if only people are open and not simply doing business for profit.

more of this article to follow..

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