Our trip to Bukidnon covered April 25 to May 2 ended up with a conclusion and understanding that no matter how much effort we exert to get understanding we need, we can not obtain it if it is not yet time.  The trip concluded with the wisdom and understanding I have been searching where our advocacy is leading us, presented to me in sequence to make it more clearer and vivid to feed my limited understanding.
At the end of the trip, I met Datu Reynaldo Gil Lomarda, a Horticulturist.  A trip in his Balay Kinaiyahan or Bahay Kalikasan resonates what am being led to accomplish. The strange meeting brought me into a state of being more confident. I feel free to embody the calling now that I have Datu to guide me and back me up in this vision quest.
Soup of the Day turned out to be not only selling soup but serves as a showcase for the herbs growers to create the market awareness that herbs can be used in our daily food and drinks, not only beneficial to our health but also to our pocket.  Herbs need less maintenance and if we will grow them in abundance, everyone can benefit.  There is a movement in this direction and Soup of the Day is responding to this call.

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