SOUP OF THE DAY sponsored the soup kitchen for the beneficiaries of the Medical Mission held last December 29, 2007 from 8:00am to 2:00 pm, at the Cottonwoods Children Playground, Antipolo City.  The Medical mission headed by the Parish Council President,  Mr. Cesar Mapua,  benefits the 100 indigents families living nearby the village.
We are dedicated to do more of this program in the near future.

Dante Soriano
1/22/2008 02:33:03

It's really nice to know how my friend Jean have conceptualized on this causeworthy yet profit-potential endeavor. The concept of intertwining an outreach advocacy with entrepreneurship is an excellent way to please your Creator.

Your God-given creativity is in the works my friend. Keep up and feed the world.

I can't wait to see and taste one of your concoctions. See you soon.

And yes, we BELIEVE...

1/26/2008 13:55:14

Thank you Dante! I am glad you love the soup! There is no way out! You have been intertwined. You came into the picture when you are needed the most! I m glad you have responded positively!


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