GreenMinded Fellows dared to take the road not taken. It will shake the traditional approach, making livelihood projects run on a corporate set-up to ensure it's success, back to back with reflow to the environment, promotes and preserve culture and heritage of the communities helped.

GreenMinded is a group of talented, successful yet unselfish individuals who run their own business on a social entrepreneurship framework, fusion their resources and abilities to make a difference, giving no room for failure for they have all the ingredients of making anything they touched a success! So contagious that the community empowered can pay forward through mentoring other in need communities, whether in preservation of culture and heritage or in the livelihood empowerment or both.

Fellows who immersed themselves in the real business world and touch based with communities, understanding their needs, weaknesses and limitations , empathizing the sufferings caused by exploitation. The fellows have the strength and conviction to tell the rest to back off and give the needy a chance for fair equity and fair trade.

The GreenMinded Fellows dare to come face to face to the cartels enslaving the needy. Their ultimate challenge is orchestrating a community sustainable livelihood anchored on Social Entrepreneurship, a pioneering system based on fair equity, from production to market benefiting every home through empowerment holdings the hands of the beneficiaries as they start learning to walk through theories and practice, a participatory learning experience made possible through trust and capacity build up.

The GreenMinded Fellows: Ferdinand Cruz (honorary chairman), Mary Jean Netario-Cruz (Executive Director), Josephine Ortiz (Operation Director), Dante Soriano (Finance Director) Noemi Pamintuan - Jara ( Project Director) Jet Abugan (Sales/Promotion and Marketing Director), Arlyn dela Cruz (Business Development Director) and Espie Benico (Accounting Director)

Eye in the Sky
7/25/2009 01:40:28

Dear Jean,

I know this short message must be a little bit of a surprise for you...but nevertheless...I must tip my hat for your excellent progress that you have made over the past few months.

Wishing you & your team the very best of success in everything that you guys undertake.

Cheers & Adios !!!!


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