Soup of the Day is gaining grounds.  People are appreciative of the business concept and find the business rich in its every aspect.  We owe the success of the concept from people who are generous in sharing their ideas and feel the openness of SOD to comments and suggestions that can be incorporated in the concept.  Among these number of people is the couple Bing and Chat Villegas, who are in the freight forwarding business.  They are one of the happy customers at the Cherry Foodarama - Antipolo branch.  I had the luck to talk to them one time while they were eating at the said branch.  The couple suggested why not to offer organic garden fresh salad. They lead us where to get the supplies and now we are growing them ourselves guided by the Aani Urban Farm and other Organic Farming advocates. If we were able to do it, others can do it as well.  People can do container farming, using empty plastic containers.  You will be amazed with the result.  We are experiencing it ourselves and we are committed to make this part of our outreach program feed and teach.
Gone were the days that we long to live in a subdivision having farm style living.  We are experiencing and enjoying it now and you can can have the experience, no matter where you live.  As long as you have a place where there is sunlight, water and soil...the farmer in you will be reborn!

4/12/2011 23:04:30

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