Here is another website where i found tons of knowledge about herbs. will walk you through the world of herbs while having fun.
****Possessing the skills to help yourself and family naturally.
****Feeling safe, confident and knowledgeable in making your own herbal home remedies.
****Having more energy and feeling healthier.
****NOT feeling overwhelmed when you look in an herb book or walk into a health food store.
****Becoming a home medicine maker or herbalist.
Do have fun, visit his website and learn from him.  It is sad we are here in the Philippines but I am exploring possibilities how the kit can be sold here as buying from US,  freight is more expensive than the kit!

6/15/2011 04:01:14

Herbal tea the rise in popularity is a natural phenomenon, as the British already drink plenty of black tea. The idea that tea can help relieve a medical problem adds to the increased interest. In fact, most people drink 1000 cups of tea per year. As mentioned previously, each type of herbal tea has various benefits.


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