After being certified by the World's Biggest School in Nutrition Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the Integrative Wellness division of Soup of the Day was born.  It caters to individuals, group and corporate coaching as well as community education on healthy living.  Soup of the Day is dedicated to transform the health and wellness of the Filipino people through nutrition.  Starting from the healthy food in school initiative through the Nutrition Detectives Program of Dr. David Katz.  Nutrition Detectives granted the right to Soup of the Day to modify and custom fit the program to the needs of the Filipino children adapting to current local health scenario in the Philippines.  Said Nutrition Detectives Program is for the grades two to four level and to be  conducted by volunteers high school trained and certified by Soup of the Day.  This program is to be carried on a continuing basis.

Life and Tea Series is another program launched. It caters to specific needs and concern of specific group who are interested to discuss health and wellness directed to create a common grounds and served as a forum as well for learning through sharing experience.  If you are interested to host the Life and Tea Series for your group or community, you may send you inquiries and request to Soup of the Day +639229661395 or email it at integrativewellness@yahoo.com addressing your letter request to Mary Jean Netario Cruz.

Other programs for wellness coaching entrepreneurship program is in the pipeline to help the unemployed nurses in the Philippines. and those interested in promoting health coaching in the Philippines.  It is also in collaboration with ReNu in promoting livelihood through natural medicine.  Mary Jean is also a natural and educated herbalist.

For more information about Integrative wellness and its initiatives, please visit http://integrativewellness.weebly.com

About the Certified Health Coach:
Certified Integrative Health Coach Mary Jean Netario Cruz graduated from Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York, USA. She is a member of American Association of Drugless Practitioners and Philippine Health and Wellness Society, Inc.  She is hosting Revolution per Minute, Accelerate your Life radio program at DZRJ 810khz every Saturday from 12:00 -2:00 pm.  She guested on national televisions and does wellness speaking engagements.  She co-creates integrative corporate wellness program. To contact her, email soupoftheday44@yahoo.com.


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