My trip to Bilar, Bohol at OIKOS Farm is very inspiring and educational.  The highlights of the trip is the GOTO KOLA herbs.  Thanking Joe Travero is not enough as he's the one who introduced me to the world of Goto Kola.  I remembered I have been hearing goto kola since my elementary years as "takip kohol".  But never that I have realized the wonders until I came to a close encounter with the man behind oikos farm.  Oikos Farm grows Gotu Kola and as I further do my research, I am convinced that I have to take my two leaves a day legendary saying.  Another credit should go to Isabell Shipard ( as I duplicate her report in this site in pdf file.  Isabell believes in an old proverb that says....'When someone shares with you, something of value, and you derive benefit from it, you have an obligation to share it with others'.  With that I am sharing this knowledge with you now and the gotu kola plant in the near future.  Joe gave me the plant and they are now alive in our garden.  Every day as I water them, I talked to them to grow fast to start sharing them so that the people will start enjoying the benefits.
lifted from Isabell's Report)

Throughout history, gotu kola has been used for a wide range of health problems, which have included:

ADD, peptic ulcers, auto-immune, diseases, stress, gynaecological, disorders, asthma, low thyroid, function, neuritits, male tonic, menopausal, problems, eczema, scrofula, venereal diseases, cirrhosis, diarrhea, high blood pressure, larangitis, stomach ache, muscular atrophy, fatigue, sore throat, schizophrenia, thrombosis, brain tonic, respiratory ailments, influenza, blood purifier, food poisoning, vaginitis, diabetes, baldness, wounds, age spots, nervous break down, poor circulation, insomnia, retinal detachment, dysentry, liver problems, to increase energy, epilepsy, pleurisy, premenstrual pain, hair loss, blood disorders, mycosis fungoides, dementia, infections, peridontal disease, colds, coughing blood, vomitting blood, senility, hemorrhoids, prickly heat rash, measles, poor appetite, atherosclerosis, depression, skin ulcers, urinary tract infection, candida, tuberculosis, mental retardation, sexual debility, elephantitis, fibrocystic breast disease, gastric, hypochondria, ankylosing spondylitis, skin ulcers, failing eyesight, abscesses, mouth ulcers, for impotence, stomach upsets, bruises, scleroderma, herpes, cramps, exam tonic, lupus, bowel disorders, fluid retention, hepatitis, swollen glands, intestinal worms, convulsions, surgical wounds, dermatitis, joint mobility, bowel disorders, anemia, hardening of, arteries, tingling in legs, to stimulate the liver,, bladder, kidneys, stimulate central, nervous system.

Many people have been able to correct high blood pressure, with consistent use of the herb. Research from the U.S. National Institute on Ageing, showed that high blood pressure can lead to atrophy and shrinkage of the brain. The study also showed, that: years of high blood pressure raises the amount of a liquid, known as cerebrospinal fluid, inside the skull, and lowers the amount of white matter. Who wants less white matter?

Gotu kola’s constituents have a strong blood purifying action, and help to lower serum cholesterol levels; this could be mainly due to the action of Beta-sitosterol. The plant saponins help the function of the immune system, by assisting in breaking down the walls of diseased cells, making microbes easier to kill. It seems likely, that it is this same action that has been seen in research, which works to kill the leprosy bacteria by dissolving the waxy, protective substance around the bacteria.

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