In deed big bucks are waiting for the fisherfolks who are to ornamental fish industry.  But that is if and only if the government will fully support this industry.  The key is Ferdinand Cruz who has made the first export for the community in Batangas.  When hope is no longer in their vocabulary, Ferdie came to the rescue and walahh.. they had their first export after a few months of reviving their business.  Before Ferdie came, a research company hired by the government gave only false hope and killed their dreams.  Long waiting is over and I am happy  I am working now with a real person whose heart to help is genuine.  He is an example of a successful Social Entrepreneur. 

Foreign buyers are now buying Koi and we ended up buying kois of a dear friend whose farm is a heaven for koi giving them the colours and nutrients from all natural resources.  See the picture yourself and envy the koi fish.  Oh how I love to spend time with the koi.

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