My meeting with Zen Darunday, a naturalist, environmentalist, horticulturist and a plant pathologist, inspired me to come up with my own Mandala Garden.  I remember that it has to be six slices and a circle at the middle for compost.  My Mandala garden is as beautiful as I have envisioned it.  What I need to do now is to grow various herbs and ornamental plants as well.  I would like to see butterflies  abound , adding  beauty  and life to  my mandala garden.  I have planted stevia, lemon balm, fennel, dill, chamomile, lavender, kataka-taka,  lemon grass, basil, pepper mint,  viola,  lagundi,  mayana,  gynura, cat whiskers, oregano,  phyton plants, marigold, pandan, tsaang gubat and other vegetables.

Zen owns Darunday Manor, a pension house where I stayed for two nights during my visit to Oikos Farm and Cedar Farm in Bilar and Tagbilaran Bohol, respectively.  Zen is generous enough to tour me in her Cedar Farm where I was introduced to organic farm with pig and chicken.  Indeed the pig has no smell!  Had they did not create an oinky sounds, I would not notice that there are pigs in the farm.    to be continued

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