The first time I opened my eyes witnessing the dawn at the Oikos Farm, I took the liberty of capturing its beauty.  Last night was indeed  invigorating, resulting to a feeling of wanting to get up and feel the plants, the flowers and commune with the entire being  in the farm.  Joe prepared an organic hot cacao with honey, oh t'was lovely as I watched him preparing it the local way.   The energy at oikos relaxes the most troubled spirit.  The pureness of the heart can be felt in the space.  Another Joe joined us and shared his expertise on honey bee, a realization that honey is part of the herbal study that should go hand in hand with the herbs, the  task  that connects me with the oikos farm,  a  symbiosis  that can not be ignored.

The oikos farm tour led me to the shallow river that is within the farm.  Joe planted some trees along the river banks.  Edible ferns are abound and he also planted some gumamelas and those plants attracting butterflies flying freely,  marvelously adding beauty to the serene space serving its purpose. 
I experience the opening of my senses, ready to walk my tour of the wilderness.  I have tried chewing every plant that Joe had identified as edible, its  my shining moment as they get into my system.  Finally, I am free to explore the world of herbalism by simply knowing and experiencing them, communicating through my cells as I can feel the chemistry,  the changes it will soon create, a creation that will make the difference. A slow change but is so profound, a healing of self that is needed to be shared.

God created the earth in such a way that everything that we need, we can simply find it.  It opens the door of being attuned with wild plants as I commune with them.  Herbalism is exploring your relationship with plants and nourishing them thereafter to be more connected with them. Plants discover us and not the other way around. People started coming to oikos,  sick and healthy looking for their sanctuary.  Oikos is a place for everyone who shares their blessings.  Some friends of OIKOS Farm started pouring in resources, be it service or in kind.  Joe is responding to his call,  making OIKOS a place where everyone is welcome that filled the air you breathe with love.

7/24/2009 02:28:32

After a year, am excited to see Oikos Farm again! Yupeeee.. Hindi naman sayang ang pag mentor mo sa akin Jo! Am happy ang thankful.


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