Pililla and Tanay are two towns far from the center of relief goods distribution.  These towns are not receiving relief goods.  According to the Mayor of Pililla, Mayor Leandro Masikip, the allocated disaster funds to the town of Pililla is not even enough to help one barangay and there are four Barangays heavily damaged.  Until now, the areas in Hulo looks like a ghost town.  They have been trying to clear out the remnants of the flood.

Soup of the Day is not a non-profit business since it initiatives is Social Entrepreneurship.  We help the community to be economically free and we have the integrity to pool donations that we ensure your donations will be received by ONDOY's victims in Pililla, Rizal.

Our Homeowners Associations in Antipolo is pooling donations for Pililla, same is true with KIDS Foundation. Malaya  residents are also collecting donations that can help too.  I am appealing to Big Foundations receiving outpouring of donations to please channel a little of  your donations to Pililla and Tanay, Rizal.

You may connect with me at celphone number +639178546851, +639225631672 and +63921008961 to distribute relief goods in the areas specified.

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