There are lots of pine needle planted in our Foliage Hills.  I came across this tree when I was searching for nettle.  Thought I miss heard the word so I googled neddle.  The google suggested needle as well and popped up suggestive word as needle.  Among these is the website for pine needle.  Whoalla, an AHA moment since we have the trees along the street.

The following day, a neighbor Ligaya discussed with me her Le Font Property business concept where in we will incorporate the herbal landscape or edible landscape in the center of the condominium French style inspired property.  As we are parting ways we stayed under the pine tree and reminded me of my reading.  I told Ligaya about it and we both tried the leaves.  We are amazed as it taste sour proving in taste that the document is right.  After Ligaya left, I gathered some young leaves and made an infusion.  I can now enjoy pine needle tea from now on.  Since it is sour like that of kalamansi or lemon, I will add stevia to make it a little sweeter.  This is really wonderful.  I will have the pine needle tasting tonight with Malou, the PR Manager of Shang-rila Cebu.  Malou and I met last June 19 in Cebu and she will help SOD in the Food Safety concern.  We will go to Sonyas Garden today but I felt like blogging my experience with pine needle first.  I sequel blog would be our drinking pine needle experience and some blogs about Sonyas Garden experience together.

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