Part of the 5th National Organic Agriculture Conference is the Farm Tour in Davao. 
A trip to the organic farm of Mr. Andre Lim is another exposure of how farmers should grow the food they are serving the consumers.  Understanding through sensing and experience is achieved together with the very few individuals selected to go on the advance farm tour.  More support has been pledged for Jean to fully understand what Soup of the Day has been positioned to accomplish.
The 5th NOAC gave way to Jean met Mayor Solivio, an outstanding man a meeting made possible through a very extreme coincidence, mistaken identity.  He is the man of the hour as he triumpantly report his achievement to the delegates that inspired the crowd to go organic!  Indeed there is so much in this movement that the rest has yet to experience.  More working relationship is planned ahead that is intertwined with the vision of Soup of the Day!

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