Xavier University Social Outreach partnered with Soup of the Day in mentoring a new breed of Entrepreneurs.  The concept framework is to do business while addressing social problems honing the entrepreneurial spirits of the students while embarking into this business activities having in mind that profit is not the ultimate consideration but a means for sustainability.

How we can achieve this goal?  The Student Entrepreneurship Program Participants will be selected to be grouped based on their interests and skills.  They will run a food kiosk business called Soup of the Day in the four campuses of Xavier University Ateneo CDO.  They will go through a process of conceptualizing, developing, sourcing, production, distribution, selling and managing the whole business cycle within a period of one year.  Every year thereafter, a new batch will continue running the business.   The participants will be learning the importance of organic farming as they work with community based livelihood who is planting the organic ingredients of their products. 

The Bayanga Elementary and High School has been chosen to benefit from this operation. The beneciaries will be planting hersb and vegetables that they  can supply to SOD SEP as well as using it in their Bayanga kiosk operation.

Learning while Earning, Earning while Helping, Teaching while providing Solution to Social problems through experiential and participatory methodology anchored on Social Entrepreneurship makes this project sexy, interesting and exciting.

A loop of producers, social entrepreneurs, social investors and consumers is created in this concept to ensure sustainability of the project.  Support from the government and other agencies is looped as well. 

9/6/2010 22:57:03

I am a Business Management pupil and I'm checking online for information regarding mergers or joint ventures. I am hoping I could find sample cases and other important details through the net. Will it be alright if I make use of some of the information published here for my research?


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