The needs assessment  for the Sumilao Tribal Concil was held at the Baula Hall, Sumilao.  The seminar draw out the dream and aspirations of each Barangay where the livelihood is the main objective to anchor on what the beneficiaries wanted to do.  The management team will validate the feasibility of the project to ensure sustainability.  The planning sessiion is scheduled on May 1, 2009 at the same venue to finalize the specific beneficiaries and specific activities.  The seminar was conducted by Lumad Social Enterprise Development, facilitated by Connie de Castillo.  Behind the scene is the team of Consultants headed by Ferdinand Cruz of EASTI, Jean Cruz of SOD and Edmund del Castillo of  LSED.  Our team envisioned to make the positive affect on people's live, so good affecting their spirit that drives to do to other comunities what they have received, mulitplying people to do good to other communities.

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