testing the market

The pilot branch started its operation last December 2, 2007 at the Antipolo Branch of Budgetlane Supermarket.  The market demography study was proven correct  in this pilot branch!  Babies to Elders showed preference for the soup!  Kids alike asked their moms not only to buy one but more cups, as if they can take it all!  The mushroom soup, seafoods chowder and the special goto oxtripe are the best sellers. 

To ensure the freshness of the soup, Soup of the day invested in a soup kettle temperatured controlled equipment.  Once the clock hits the 8:30 pm time, soup of the day is offerred on a buy one take one mode should there are still soup to sell!  Most of the time, the soup is sold out before 8:30 pm though at times there are lucky customers who got two cups of soup for the price of one!  So next time you visit Budgetlane Antipolo, please try our soup and prove the taste yourself!

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