Soup of the Day has been privileged again helping KIN in raising funds for the scholarship of the Daraghuyan tribe youth.  KIN is dedicated to raise the needed funds to send the youth to school, at least for the very basic school needs and fare as school is at a distance.  Soup of the Day responded to their call for support.  I tagged along my son Nico to bake the focaccia bread that we supposed to serve in the fund raising. Friends of KIN attended the program where Mayor Flores of Malaybalay is present.  He pledged P100,000 for this activity while friends of SOD pledged P40,000.00.  KIN budget for every student is roughly P5,500.00 per student for the school year.  As they are supporting 65 scholars this year, some in elementary, high school and college, the funds is not enough but we believe that we can raise more to support the program until end of the year.
You can help by giving any school materials or donating any amount that you can afford to shell out.  One pencil can go a long way, do not under estimate the power of giving.  Please contact KIN at or call (088) 221-4355 and look for Grace to receive your donation.

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