I have started drinking tea on a regular basis since it was introduced to me by Ellery and Yves Cote during the winter of 2006 in Canada.  I have witnessed how passionate they served the different flavors of tea.  Their passion is so contagious that when I went back home I started to appreciate tea and serve tea with passion the way they have it.  If there is an art of drinking wine, it goes true with tea as well.

A friend of ours Zeny started to give me various kinds of tea. I started collecting tea kettles and teas of various make.  I also have a tea buddy, Lanie,  who makes drinking tea more exciting.  We both drink tea with passion and we enjoy chatting while drinking tea.  I came across a lot of readings about the benefits of drinking tea. Majority of the readings are about tea preventing cancer benefits.

Now I learn how to make my own tea.  The process of infusion draws the properties you want out of the herb for healing.  An infusion is basically a strong tea.  You do it by pouring boiling water into the herbs.  It takes experience to learn how long each herb needs to steep, some take longer than others but this is the easiest method. Do not use metal in the infusion process. Use mineral water too.

This morning, I prepared lemon grass with tsaang gubat.  We have them in our garden so I simply pick and steep!  The feelings of food security I am experiencing with our small garden.  You can have it too!  A little garden will do.  You can buy live herbs in a pot and drink it everyday to lower the risk of cancer. 

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