Have you ever thought of shaking your halo-halo? 
We did! ... and the result is a taste boggling heavenly experience.  You will be amazed as to the experience every sip brings you!  You will be able to identify halo-halo ingredients in every sip or a blend of two or more and ended satisfied more versus eating the usual way,   and you can have your halo-halo on the GO! 
Try it now at our SOUP of the DAY outlets at an amazingly price of P35.000 per 12 oz. Halo-Halo shake is not like the traditional halo-halo where it reduced the usual serving into half after mixing the ingredients altogether!  You will enjoy the 12 oz volume all filled up!
ENJOY the summer with SOD's Halo-Halo Shake!


Soup of the Day is gaining grounds.  People are appreciative of the business concept and find the business rich in its every aspect.  We owe the success of the concept from people who are generous in sharing their ideas and feel the openness of SOD to comments and suggestions that can be incorporated in the concept.  Among these number of people is the couple Bing and Chat Villegas, who are in the freight forwarding business.  They are one of the happy customers at the Cherry Foodarama - Antipolo branch.  I had the luck to talk to them one time while they were eating at the said branch.  The couple suggested why not to offer organic garden fresh salad. They lead us where to get the supplies and now we are growing them ourselves guided by the Aani Urban Farm and other Organic Farming advocates. If we were able to do it, others can do it as well.  People can do container farming, using empty plastic containers.  You will be amazed with the result.  We are experiencing it ourselves and we are committed to make this part of our outreach program feed and teach.
Gone were the days that we long to live in a subdivision having farm style living.  We are experiencing and enjoying it now and you can can have the experience, no matter where you live.  As long as you have a place where there is sunlight, water and soil...the farmer in you will be reborn!


Who says you can only eat this salad at a high end resto? 
Not anymore!!!
SOUP of the DAY makes the most of what we have and matters what can be achieved!  Enjoy this salad at an amazingly P35.000!  Eat your raw and be healthy!

Our family grows the lettuce from our garden. The kids help in planting and we take turns in watering them. Purely organic farming! Among other plants that we grow are bell pepper, cucumber, tomatoes, celery, basil, pepper mint, pandan, lemon grass, malunggay, pechay, oregano, chinese kangkong, papaya, eggplant, pechay and okra!
Our home is a piece of heaven on earth that we would like to share with everyone through setting an example that we can achieve what we perceive!  Part of the advocacy is to imbibe the virtue of resourcefulness through feed and teach program of SOD, whereby the goal is to help the needy make capable of devising ways and means to be able to meet situations. One of these is the daily food requirement that is nutritious and homegrown through container farming! This program is backed up by big urban farmers advocates.


Enjoy your summer while cooling it down!  Soup of the Day now offers fruit shakes with option to add LETTUCE to make your shake more fibrous and nutritious! 
PLUS.... have you ever tried HALO-HALO shake? It is so delicious!  Try it and enjoy the blended halo-halo!


How do you measure a day in the life of a woman?
                             of travels and adventures,  of giving and receiving,
                                                 of teaching and learning
 here's a woman who shares her heart..and passsion...the woman behind SOD.
                                                              by find


Sometime in October 2007, my son Nico learned that I wanted to do some outreach activities tied up with the Soup of the Day business concept.  He asked me if SOD can have the beneficiaries of their Gawad Talino be provided soup as well. I never failed to say YES and he never stopped asking me from then on, seeing in his eyes the happiness he felt everytime I said Yes.  Finally, the asking put to an end!  Nico told me that they will have a recognition program for their students at their MDM Auditorium on March 7, 2008.

Gawad Talino is a culminating activity initiated by the MDM high school graduating class of 2008. Gawad Talino teaches the young and old to read and write.  The beneficiaries are those living nearby the Brookside, Cainta area.  The children provided them school materials and each MDM student was tasked to teach an individual beneficiary leading to recognition ceremony held on the day where SOUP of the DAY provided their food.

The MDM students are excited to the finale of the program wherein they will serve the SOD food.  I instructed them that it has to be them to serve the children and that excites them more.  They served the mushroom soup, the softee bread and the lemon grass tea as the graduates assisted by their young mentors lined up for their food.

The spirit of sharing filled the space with love...they experienced the gift of sharing and it changed them.  Immersing oneself into the state of the person they were able to help surely will not fail to bring out the best in one person.  I am almost in tears when a power point presentation was played showing the pictures of activities of what the MDM class and their students shared during a series of classes.  As always I am a very proud Mom and this activities help shape our future leaders.

SOD is greatful for the opportunity created by this young mentors for SOD to partly achieve its vision.  SOD salutes these young mentors.  CONGRATULATIONS and KUDOS!


NEW is a group of women whose advocacy is to create an environment where there is an exchange of business ideas, sharing of experience, and opportunity to network. They offer seminars on topics that include money management basics, finding product sources, writing a marketing and business plan, running specific types of businesses, and conducting research and forecast revenue. It also tackles different aspects of running a company.


Soup of the Day's first media exposure was aired today at ABS-CBN tv program Your Song, entitled Kapag ako ang nagmahal. Said program starred Rayver Cruz and Maja Salvador.   The scene where Rayver confronted a man touching the arm of Valeen was shot at the Soup of the Day Cherry branch. An establishing shot highlighting the soup bar ended the scene showing Rayver buying goto.