Who says you can only eat this salad at a high end resto? 
Not anymore!!!
SOUP of the DAY makes the most of what we have and matters what can be achieved!  Enjoy this salad at an amazingly P35.000!  Eat your raw and be healthy!

Our family grows the lettuce from our garden. The kids help in planting and we take turns in watering them. Purely organic farming! Among other plants that we grow are bell pepper, cucumber, tomatoes, celery, basil, pepper mint, pandan, lemon grass, malunggay, pechay, oregano, chinese kangkong, papaya, eggplant, pechay and okra!
Our home is a piece of heaven on earth that we would like to share with everyone through setting an example that we can achieve what we perceive!  Part of the advocacy is to imbibe the virtue of resourcefulness through feed and teach program of SOD, whereby the goal is to help the needy make capable of devising ways and means to be able to meet situations. One of these is the daily food requirement that is nutritious and homegrown through container farming! This program is backed up by big urban farmers advocates.

laling quiambao-de la rosa
7/3/2009 17:53:22

Hi Jean.

I appreciate your website very much. I admire your passion to feed and teach. However, you prized your garden salad so high -P35,000?!!! Must be typo error he he he -- only P35 right?
I encourage everyone to follow Jean's example. I am witness to her beautiful home garden and have tasted the fruits of her garden. The cold lemon grass tea with calamansi was so refreshing.

God bless you!


7/4/2009 00:24:39

Hi laling, Thanks , thanks for appreciating. By the way I made corrections na haha.. P35.00 lang nga! There are new developments ongoing, tribal communities in Mindanao now planting herbs and vegetables. We already formed a marketing team to market their produce! This is really exciting!


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