When you hear about organic farming, Ms. Betsy of Don Bosco's Bios Dynamis is the right person to talk to to get more understanding about this, science but is so magical.  Betsy explained to us, what is this Bios Dynamis is all about.  This is about the science of planting without the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals used in commercial farming.  The science that to other seems so magical or taboo but with scientific explanation.  Betsy and I met at the 5th National Organic Conference which was help in Davao.  After that even, I am seeking her technical support to make it sure the the organic farming livelihood in other communities is backed up with  ahighly credible organization that we can rely to ensure the success of the project when it comes to the production side.

Betsy welcomes us with open arms and committed to provide training onsite .

Kudos to my Lady Betsy! 

3/11/2011 02:44:19

I love these shoes,very cute and comfortable.


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