Have you ever thought of shaking your halo-halo? 
We did! ... and the result is a taste boggling heavenly experience.  You will be amazed as to the experience every sip brings you!  You will be able to identify halo-halo ingredients in every sip or a blend of two or more and ended satisfied more versus eating the usual way,   and you can have your halo-halo on the GO! 
Try it now at our SOUP of the DAY outlets at an amazingly price of P35.000 per 12 oz. Halo-Halo shake is not like the traditional halo-halo where it reduced the usual serving into half after mixing the ingredients altogether!  You will enjoy the 12 oz volume all filled up!
ENJOY the summer with SOD's Halo-Halo Shake!

4/25/2008 14:01:39

That looks so SOOOO good, Ate Jean!!!
I'll buy lots when I go back for vacation. Hopefully sometime next year.. or maybe later this year if I can.

Congrats!! The business seems to be doing pretty good!


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