Do you know that the most popular ice cream among Filipinos is ubi ice cream?  Ubi cake is also among the best sellers in cake.  Fiesta is not complete without the ubi dessert.

Ubi (Dioscorea Alata Linn) is sacred.  Yes, in Bohol Province,  ubi is venerated by Boholano as a sacred crop.  There is a unique tradition in Bohol that people kiss the "ubi" everytime it falls to the ground as a sign of reverence.  When you speak of "ubi" to the Boholano, there is always a story to tell.  It is connected to the rich history of the ordeals of the Boholanos and their resiliency  as a people to triumph over natural and man-made adversities.  Legend has it that the tuber saved the early Boholano settlers from famine.  Ubi as the agro-religious symbol of Bohol is the only  staple food that is mentioned in the Bohol Hymn.

Although there maybe 15 ubi  varieties in Bohol, none stands out so prominently as aromatic purple "kinampay".  Bohol, the largest ubi-producing province in the country is recognized as the source of this rare "kinampay" variety,  whose aroma seems to vanish if planted outside the province.

W H Y    B U Y    B O H O L ' S  tru   U B I ?
Bohol's  tubers are organically grown - no chemical fertilizers, no pesticides, with no additives. They are grown by Boholano farmers whom were trained for organic planting of ubi. 
The Bohol's TRU ubi powder is processed from our Mayacabac Ubi Powder Processing Plant in Dauis, Bohol. Owned and managed by Mayacabac Ubi Growers and Processors Producers Cooperative. 

The women's coop federation - Bohol Federation of Women Cooperatives (BFWC) - is marketing the powder. 

Aside from the Mayacabac coop, two other women POs,  Corella Federated RIC and Bohol Dev in Jagna also process ubi tubers. All are members of BFWC. 

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