Sometime in October 2007, my son Nico learned that I wanted to do some outreach activities tied up with the Soup of the Day business concept.  He asked me if SOD can have the beneficiaries of their Gawad Talino be provided soup as well. I never failed to say YES and he never stopped asking me from then on, seeing in his eyes the happiness he felt everytime I said Yes.  Finally, the asking put to an end!  Nico told me that they will have a recognition program for their students at their MDM Auditorium on March 7, 2008.

Gawad Talino is a culminating activity initiated by the MDM high school graduating class of 2008. Gawad Talino teaches the young and old to read and write.  The beneficiaries are those living nearby the Brookside, Cainta area.  The children provided them school materials and each MDM student was tasked to teach an individual beneficiary leading to recognition ceremony held on the day where SOUP of the DAY provided their food.

The MDM students are excited to the finale of the program wherein they will serve the SOD food.  I instructed them that it has to be them to serve the children and that excites them more.  They served the mushroom soup, the softee bread and the lemon grass tea as the graduates assisted by their young mentors lined up for their food.

The spirit of sharing filled the space with love...they experienced the gift of sharing and it changed them.  Immersing oneself into the state of the person they were able to help surely will not fail to bring out the best in one person.  I am almost in tears when a power point presentation was played showing the pictures of activities of what the MDM class and their students shared during a series of classes.  As always I am a very proud Mom and this activities help shape our future leaders.

SOD is greatful for the opportunity created by this young mentors for SOD to partly achieve its vision.  SOD salutes these young mentors.  CONGRATULATIONS and KUDOS!

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