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Above is a pdf copy of a book on Miracle of Aloe Vera I download for free.  Feel free to download and benefit from knowing this miracle.  ref (

I am now working on a feasibility study that will benefit a multitude of people if put into operation, I HOPE!!! As I am doing my research, I came across  this document that truly amaze me because not only once I read this findings but in many documents I have encountered.  I have sent a copy of this report to UPLB for their comment as I asked for their assistance for a credible feasibility study for herbal business.

There are business and livelihood ideas that are coming up and I would like to evaluate if the project is feasible.  I am a business consultant and a volunteer for KIN (Kitanglad Integrated NGO) based in Malaybalay, Bukidnon.  I can see the potential of herbal industries and the health benefits.  The Daraghuyan tribe and other tribes in the Philippines have places to grow herbs organically (ancestral domain claim).  What they need is a steady market to buy their supply which I can be of great help in coming up with a feasibility study for them.  Organic Farming technology I am supported by Greenminds, Inc. based in CDO as they are providing consultancy for organic farming nationwide.  This company is headed by a very young datu who is a horticulturist from UPLB.  I have also networked with an herbal industry with a drying facility in Iligan and assured me of their help.  KIN will write a project proposal to look for funding for the drying facility.  Initial funding will be funded by the local municipality of Malaybalay to start growing of the herbs by the Indigenous Peoples while developing the market.  Then on, we can duplicate the concept in other places where there are IPs and other local farmers. Private individuals communicated interest in helping in the financial requirements too on a small scale basis.

Herbal business is a booming industry as the performance and  forecast is backed up by Herbalife ( operation.  People are looking for a healthy options.  What we can offer to the market is the availability of herbs in every localities at an affordable price, a livelihood and sustainable development for the IPs and the farmers and a less stressful community. 

The target market are the Food Industries, Pharmaceutical Companies and Cosmetics Industries,  all the more are the public to benefit.  Please visit this blog section as I promise to post some wonderful findings that everyone can benefit if we knew and are open to all possibilities. 

5/21/2008 03:52:29

hi jean,

i'm glad to know that your recent trip in Kitanglad had branched out to new ideas beyond the soup business that you're developing now. with this in mind, the circle of friends we are bound to meet keep on expanding.

So Godspeed! And by the way, a team of international visitors will visit the heritage center tomorrow... 1st time though Bae is worried since it's been raining this afternoon, baka mahirapan sila sa daan.

But anyway, we're happy that as we continue to grow and learn, our friends in the tribe are gaining recognition of their efforts in forest management. Definitely, Bae will present a paper on the upcoming Bukidnon Environmental Summit this late June. In our last meeting kanina, PASu also mentioned about you as volunteer in creating a webpage on this activity.



5/21/2008 07:49:42

Thanks Chy for opening the opportunity to be of assistance. For all you know I benefit from helping out. It gives me good feeling and more energy to do the things that i love to do!


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