The Philippine Nursing Association held their 2008 convention at the Manila Hotel Tent City from October 21-23, 2008.  The Presidents night was held at Bayview  Hotel on the eve of October 22.  Soup of the Day was invited to let the Presidents of the chapters experience the taste of the food powered by fresh herbs.  The soup chowder is made with fresh gotu kola, a brain enhancer and is called the elixir of life, the pharma in one and the legendary saying for this herb is "two leaves a day, drives old age away"! 

Indeed we got another approval from the distinctive taste buds of the champion of health.  The PNA found the concept of Soup of the Day inline with their advocacy to promote good health through knowing the food we need to nourish our body, a prevention they see as they believe in the power of herbs used as medicinal plant as supported by the scientific studies reported by the Department of Health.

Various invitation to join upcoming events were received to showcase the soup of the day  products.  Indeed a powerful alliance with the PNA has been achieved through the keen eyes of the Chairman of PNA Ways and Means, Sandy  Montano.  Nobody can match the passion of this lady,  as when she sees goodness in one, she can't be stopped to make it known giving life to the virtue of sharing!

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