Sa isang panawagan ng pagtulong, maraming mga kabarangay ang tumugon.  Naipamahagi ang tulong na nalikom sa mga pamilyang nalubog sa pagtaas ng lawa ng Laguna.  Himigit kumulang sa 200 bags ng pagkain ang naipamahagi sa Malaya. Mga bags ng pagkain, mga tsinelas at diapers na mula sa KIDS Foundation, pamilya Lacampuenga at donasyon ng Batch '84.  Patuloy pang nangangalap ng tulong ang grupo para sa karatig baranggay.
Pililla and Tanay are two towns far from the center of relief goods distribution.  These towns are not receiving relief goods.  According to the Mayor of Pililla, Mayor Leandro Masikip, the allocated disaster funds to the town of Pililla is not even enough to help one barangay and there are four Barangays heavily damaged.  Until now, the areas in Hulo looks like a ghost town.  They have been trying to clear out the remnants of the flood.

Soup of the Day is not a non-profit business since it initiatives is Social Entrepreneurship.  We help the community to be economically free and we have the integrity to pool donations that we ensure your donations will be received by ONDOY's victims in Pililla, Rizal.

Our Homeowners Associations in Antipolo is pooling donations for Pililla, same is true with KIDS Foundation. Malaya  residents are also collecting donations that can help too.  I am appealing to Big Foundations receiving outpouring of donations to please channel a little of  your donations to Pililla and Tanay, Rizal.

You may connect with me at celphone number +639178546851, +639225631672 and +63921008961 to distribute relief goods in the areas specified.
Another community crying for help! Yes they admit, their life is at risk but only if there is another source of income that can help them bridge every day of their survival. Who would not want to secure seeing their love ones alive every after hydraulic mining activity? Their river is dead, authorities hunting them for illegal mining, but should they wait to die of hunger rather than to make the most of what they have? They need help, genuine help that can bring back their dignity. We DARE to explore possibilities for them.
GK Roque 1 is the beneficiary of the KIDS Foundation Feeding Program. The program will be feeding 100 children, one snack a day, 5 times a week for a period of six months starting September 1, 2009. Soup Of the Day (SOD) is mentoring the mothers to serve nutritious yet economically prepared food. The neighborhood agreed to plant herbs and vegetables that will augment the nutritional values of the food they will serve and at the same time addressing their food safety and security.

The operation of the food to be served to the children is anchored on Social Entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurial challenge is to meet the goals at P18/meal budget per kid funded by L'oreal.  The mothers under SOD mentoring took the challenge and believed that together they can operate the feeding operation at a profit. The profit will be used to fund other projects such as planting vegetables or ended up operating a Soup of the Day catering business in their neighborhood.

Professionals are tapped to help the mothers in their entrepreneurship challenge! Everyone is excited, they take ownership and responsibility for this pilot feeding program of KIDS anchored on Entrepreneurship. 

The mothers are in need of kitchen equipments and utensils that they will use in their catering business. Should you have any of these kitchen items that you have no use, please call KIDS foundation or Soup of the Day at 09178546851.

Please visit

Xavier University Social Outreach partnered with Soup of the Day in mentoring a new breed of Entrepreneurs.  The concept framework is to do business while addressing social problems honing the entrepreneurial spirits of the students while embarking into this business activities having in mind that profit is not the ultimate consideration but a means for sustainability.

How we can achieve this goal?  The Student Entrepreneurship Program Participants will be selected to be grouped based on their interests and skills.  They will run a food kiosk business called Soup of the Day in the four campuses of Xavier University Ateneo CDO.  They will go through a process of conceptualizing, developing, sourcing, production, distribution, selling and managing the whole business cycle within a period of one year.  Every year thereafter, a new batch will continue running the business.   The participants will be learning the importance of organic farming as they work with community based livelihood who is planting the organic ingredients of their products. 

The Bayanga Elementary and High School has been chosen to benefit from this operation. The beneciaries will be planting hersb and vegetables that they  can supply to SOD SEP as well as using it in their Bayanga kiosk operation.

Learning while Earning, Earning while Helping, Teaching while providing Solution to Social problems through experiential and participatory methodology anchored on Social Entrepreneurship makes this project sexy, interesting and exciting.

A loop of producers, social entrepreneurs, social investors and consumers is created in this concept to ensure sustainability of the project.  Support from the government and other agencies is looped as well. 


GreenMinded Fellows dared to take the road not taken. It will shake the traditional approach, making livelihood projects run on a corporate set-up to ensure it's success, back to back with reflow to the environment, promotes and preserve culture and heritage of the communities helped.

GreenMinded is a group of talented, successful yet unselfish individuals who run their own business on a social entrepreneurship framework, fusion their resources and abilities to make a difference, giving no room for failure for they have all the ingredients of making anything they touched a success! So contagious that the community empowered can pay forward through mentoring other in need communities, whether in preservation of culture and heritage or in the livelihood empowerment or both.

Fellows who immersed themselves in the real business world and touch based with communities, understanding their needs, weaknesses and limitations , empathizing the sufferings caused by exploitation. The fellows have the strength and conviction to tell the rest to back off and give the needy a chance for fair equity and fair trade.

The GreenMinded Fellows dare to come face to face to the cartels enslaving the needy. Their ultimate challenge is orchestrating a community sustainable livelihood anchored on Social Entrepreneurship, a pioneering system based on fair equity, from production to market benefiting every home through empowerment holdings the hands of the beneficiaries as they start learning to walk through theories and practice, a participatory learning experience made possible through trust and capacity build up.

The GreenMinded Fellows: Ferdinand Cruz (honorary chairman), Mary Jean Netario-Cruz (Executive Director), Josephine Ortiz (Operation Director), Dante Soriano (Finance Director) Noemi Pamintuan - Jara ( Project Director) Jet Abugan (Sales/Promotion and Marketing Director), Arlyn dela Cruz (Business Development Director) and Espie Benico (Accounting Director)

KIDS Foundation headed by Atty. Karina Tanega went out of their way to visit the Miarayon KIDS.  Miarayon is about 8 hours away from CDO.  KIDS was assisted by Edmund del Castillo, Exec. Director of LSED, Jean Netario-Cruz, GM of SOD and Exec. Dir of GreenMinded and Ferdinand Cruz, Exec. Dir of EASTI.  Lito Ramos of Sta. Teresita Foundation for the KIDS of Miarayon is the coordinator for the School Supplies for Abel and Edmund for the Sta. Teresita.  Jean Cruz coordinated for the Daraghuyan in Malaybalay City.

Miarayon other than being far from CDO is also known as the warrior Tribe, the Talaandig.  We were warned but the group has all the courage of Father Dario, the Parish priest in Miarayon was with us.  The face of the people when we asked for the Miarayon direction shows that there was a tale of how frightful the place is being known as warriors domain.  Being to a place is far opposite from hearing the tale from the hearsays.  The place is so peaceful and enchanting.  The beauty is magnificent.  The Talaandigs are friendly yet it is true that they are armed to protect themselves from people who brings only misery to their place.  Miarayon has been raped byt the loggers.  Only a few trees were left.  Landscape of a previous volcano eruption made the place fertile that it is a perfect place to grow vegetable.  But then another problem is being experienced by the farmer here.  The middlemen who exploits them through financing their farming.  They almost earn nothing.  GreenMinded allies is exploring how to help the farmers for their livelihood, fair trade and fair equity.  Father Dario and Green Allies has been exploring the coffee of Miarayon to be its major banner.  Miarayon produces Arabica Coffee, known for its flavour and better price.  It has a huge market demand only if produces right.  Ferdinand Cruz' has assessed the place and the people that the idea can be done.

KIDS distribution of the school supplies to the beneficiaries were delivered on target.  The activity were sealed by the exciting white river rafting in CDO, a reward for everyone who cares.

Having an herbal garden at home is a haven.  It's like your medicine cabinet out in the open field or have your own grocery food section just a door step away.  Healthy living need not be expensive, more so now that  our economy is overheating due to our country's financial condition. Planting your own food does not only address your health but empowers your pocket too.  It also gives you a you real food security.  Having an edible garden is worth every inch of the soil than just having an ornamental one.  You can blend both worlds by simply knowing the properties of each plant that you can put in your garden.  With these, you can be enchanted with the beauty of the flowering plants, eat them and relaxed your senses through inhaling the aroma of herbs as the wind sways the leaves.

Planting also teaches us virtues.  The virtues of patience, care, appreciation of nature and a lot more came handy when you do your garden. Start with beneficial plant, one at a time learning its properties and internalizing its taste, looks, most of all feel how it  responds to your body.  There are plants known and proven effective in addressing the kidney stone problems, urinary tract infection, menstrual problem etc.  See for specific plants.


Social Entrepreneurship endeavor will never be this exciting without the support group of our class.  Each group's project is presented to the class for comments and suggestions even after the class has ended.  Each project try to see connectivities and seek how each one of us can help for the achievements of the goals and vision.  it has been very empowering to belong in our class.

The get together dinner was held at Wack-Wack residence of Andrea. She host even the food... ooohlala.. we scheduled the next get together in Sandy's place, Cheers office in Q. Avenue.  KIDS will be having fun run and SOD will have a booth with the 50% of the net profit to be given back to KIDS as our Social Entrepreneurship version.  Indeed there are unlimited ways to help while doing business, if only people are open and not simply doing business for profit.

more of this article to follow..